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Modern heating and air conditioning technology do more to improve our quality of life than almost any other invention you can think of. Maybe that is why there is such incredible demand for the services of HVAC contractors. Even if you look at only the United States, people spend more than $123 billion on their services each year.

But how do you know when you need professional AC repair services and when you don’t? If you are dealing with a leaking air conditioner in Navarre, FL, you might have a small or serious problem on your hands. Understanding more about the potential causes of leaking air conditioners can help you assess your situation and figure out what you should do about it.

Read on to learn all about the most common reasons your air conditioner might be leaking in Navarre, FL!

1. You Have AC Leaks Due to Old Air Filters

If you are lucky, your leaking air conditioner problem might be the simple result of a clogged air filter.

Your AC system has to process an incredible quantity of air every hour that it functions. It depends on an air filter to make sure that it does not distribute contaminants throughout your home while it is cooling down.

However, after running for hundreds or thousands of hours, your AC air filter may become full of dust and other debris. If air cannot pass freely through your AC air filter, then the humid air your AC absorbs might end up creating frozen droplets in your AC system that can melt and lead to leaks.

If this is your problem, the good news is that all you need to do is replace your air filter. Although you can call air conditioner services to do this and provide you with other maintenance assistance, it is often unnecessary. Replacing an old air filter is as simple as finding it, pulling it out of its position, and inserting a new one in its place.

2. You Need AC Repair for Your Evaporator Coil

On the other hand, you might have a more complicated problem on your hands if anything has gone wrong with your evaporator coil. One of the simplest ways you can end up with a leaking air conditioner is to have an evaporator coil that has become too dirty. The dirtier your coil is, the more likely it is to lead to clogs in your AC drain.

When air and water can’t move through your AC system the way they are supposed to, water leaks are a common result.

On the other hand, your evaporator coil might have frozen. This can happen if your air filter is too old or your AC unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant. Once your evaporator coil is frozen, the ice on it will sometimes melt, leaking water onto your floor.

3. You Received Poor Air Conditioner Installation

But what if your air conditioner has been leaking ever since you first got it? In that case, all of the parts in your AC system may be working the way they should. The culprit might be that you received a shoddy installation job.

It can often help to look at AC installation reviews online to help you maximize the chance that you enjoy quality installation services. If your HVAC contractors aren’t careful, your AC drain pan may be crooked, leading to recurring leaks.

4. Your AC Is Leaking Refrigerant

If your AC is leaking refrigerant, then you will have a more serious problem on your hands. For one thing, AC refrigerant can be poisonous. Only HVAC professionals are even allowed to buy AC refrigerant.

That means that this is one AC problem you will need to rely on a licensed HVAC contractor for.

Once your refrigerant starts leaking, it can also cause a frozen evaporator coil. Left alone for long enough, this can lead to serious damage to your whole AC unit. When you need serious AC repairs, it is better to schedule them as soon as possible.

5. Your Condensate Drain Line Is Blocked

Another common cause of leaking air conditioners is clogged condensate drain lines. Your drain line is supposed to transfer excess moisture away from your home and system.

However, if it is clogged with dirt or mold, water will build up instead of flowing through it. At that point, it is only a matter of time before it leaks onto your floor.

6. Your Drip Pan Needs Air Conditioner Repairs

Your AC uses a drip pan to catch moisture. However, because this pan receives so much exposure to water, it can rust. If it rusts enough to develop holes, the moisture it catches will fall down, potentially creating a leak.

7. Your Condensate Pump Is Broken

Even if your condensate drain line is not blocked, it may not carry water properly if your AC condensate pump isn’t working.

This pump is supposed to push water through the drain line. If it has stopped working, water will collect in your system until it overflows, creating a leak.

Know the Top Causes of a Leaking Air Conditioner

We hope that you now have a clearer idea of why you might be experiencing leaking air conditioner problems. If any of the potential causes we have discussed seem to fit your own situation, you might now know what kind of repairs or maintenance you need. Although you may be able to handle some maintenance needs on your own, you may find that it is better to work with quality AC repair services.

To find the right air conditioner repair business in Navarre, FL for you, contact us at All Seasons at any time!

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